Chapter and Verse

I’m not one of those people who can listen to music while I work, but there were some songs that inspired me as I went along. This playlist can add a little extra dimension. If I’m honest, my wife, who’s cooler than me, helped by suggesting songs from this century.

1 He said, “Here! press this here,” oh my God!
2 I know full well this is crazy.
3 Hey, Pastor, did you ever look into the reptiles running the whole planet?
4 You’re a fundamentalist freak show, and I’m not interested.
5 Sherry gives a lot of truth.
6 We were all angels with missions.
7 Jesus said that I have to help you no matter how expensive it is.
8 I’m off to fulfill my destiny.
9 Murdered by a NATO death squad.
10 This is insanity! What are you doing?
11 I found a purpose in my life.
12 If there are any aliens, time travelers, sliders, or ESPers here, come join me.
13 Bring it on, scumbags! War is heating up.
14 I sense we still have leaks . . . they will be outed.
15 We love our orgone, man.
16 Thank God it wasn’t the real Sherry that actually betrayed me.
17 I’m not sure all the money was going toward orgone.
18 Demons come and attack those who are angry.
19 I’m surprised your vampire whore hasn’t soul scalped you already.
20 Have fun drinking the Kool-Aid, you cult members!
21 Police say shooting may be tied to cult.